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Super Mario Bros by TVsKyle
by TVsKyle

That is one very brilliant, amazing, and interesting deviation! Kyle, you've done an awesome job with this piece! What a great idea you...



TANSMSE: One Good Man Versus a Kingdom of Evil by sallen623
TANSMSE: One Good Man Versus a Kingdom of Evil
Here’s a new artwork for my 21st-century Mario cartoon show concept, The (All-New) Super Mario Super Extravaganza! In the world of this series, just like the games it’s based on, the Mushroom Kingdom and World are by no means immune to any sort of danger. There’s always some person (or group of people) attempting to terrorize the planet. But none of the Mushroom World’s nations is populated entirely by evildoers... save for one. And that one nation is the Koopa Kingdom.

Some of the show’s stories begin in this land of mischief makers and wicked wretches, where the malevolent and malicious monarch, King Bowser Koopa, and his wife Clawdia will plot and scheme to terrorize either the Mushroom Kingdom or another nation. After that, the Koopa King’s maniacal military commanders ― General Koopatton of the Royal Koopa Army, Admiral Kooporter of the Royal Koopa Navy, and General Koopearson of the Koopa Kingdom Air Force ― will train and test their respective forces until they’re ready to launch their attacks on the country of Bowser’s choice. If that country is the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach will learn of the Koopa invasion from The Mushroom Times, a member of her Royal Cabinet, or another source, and send out her own armed forces, commanded by Generals Russula and Trametes, to fight back against the shelled terrors. But many times she will call for the kingdom’s national hero, Mario, to resolve the crisis and take upon himself the responsibility of defending the toadstool populace.

The Koopa Kingdom itself is a no-man’s land, out of bounds and off-limits to all the Mushroom World’s good guys and gals, and its inhabitants are generally unwilling to show respect, consideration or compassion for, or kindness or courtesy to, any outsiders at all. Although the Koopas generally hate every citizen of every nation other than their own, they treat no one as a firm archnemesis more than Mario, and are thus more aggressive against him than against any of the Mushroom Kingdom’s government officials, military forces, or ordinary good citizens.

In addition to being the most notorious, Bowser himself is also the most resilient of the Koopas, as his brute strength, durability, array of weapons, and fire breath make him a force to be reckoned with. Clawdia Koopa is every bit as terrible as her husband, as she knows martial arts, attacks with fire-based magic, and uses potions to heal herself in battle. The couple’s gang of fourteen black-sheep minions, the Koopalings, are a bunch of rotten brats of various ages ― school-age kids, tweens and teens, and even young adults ― who boast a variety of attacks and will lure any good citizen into traps. And the Koopa generals, as testy and cunning as they are, have a barracks load of troublemaking troops up their sleeves.

General Koopatton’s army is very diverse, with weapons of all classes, and troops ranging from his sergeants and foot soldiers to the various outside creatures that have been recruited into the Koopa Troop, like the carnivorous Piranha Plants, the Goombas, the Fuzzies, and Monty Mole. The Elite Hammer Brigade, captained by a pair of wily sergeants nicknamed the Hammer Bros., is a troop of gruff and tenacious tortoises who primarily attack with hammers (obviously) but also wield other weapons like boomerangs and flamethrowers. The horrifying Legion of Undead Soldiers, commanded by the ghastly green-skinned Koopa Nocturnus, comprises timid but mischievous ghosts, walking skeletons, Shelled Zombies, Were-Turtles, and the vampirish Count Koopula. The Elite Lakitu Brigade, helmed by Air Marshal Lakilarson, is made up of mysterious shelled creatures who sail the skies in grumpy clouds and drop the eggs of their spiky pets on unsuspecting cowards. Lord Kamek and his Magikoopa Militia are masters in black magic, sorcery, and demonic practices, and will use their corrupt spells at every opportunity to dispose of people who dare to oppose them. Dr. Koopennington, a mad scientist and technological genius, uses all kinds of gadgets, from walking wind-up bombs to destructive Koopa cyborgs with controlled wills, to assist the Koopa Troop in their schemes of conquest. Admiral Kooporter captains a giant fleet of warships equipped with enough cannons to give any Mushroom seafarer nightmares, and yet, even the sea life in Koopa Kingdom waters are destructive to any foreign diver that crosses paths with them. Even the Koopa Kingdom’s best sports teams have been enlisted into the Koopa Troop, and will use their brand of unfair play to challenge those who attempt to intercept them.

All in all, the Koopa Kingdom is by far the most barbaric, corrupt, and hostile nation in the entire Mushroom World, and its inhumane and misanthropic actions will only continue nonstop and keep on leading people’s lives into despair and dismay.... unless Mario has anything to say about it. 

The Mario franchise and related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Nintendo.
TANSMSE Peach solo artwork by sallen623
TANSMSE Peach solo artwork
Alternate Title: The Mushroom Kingdom’s Favorite Government Leader

“TANSMSE”: “The (All-New) Super Mario Super Extravaganza,” my personal idea for a 21st-century animated TV series based on Nintendo's “Mario” franchise

When I first conceived the idea for “TANSMSE,” I started by creating “group portraits” of characters that would appear in the show’s cast; most of these are now just inferior-quality to me, as I’ve finalized the show’s art style and character designs, so I want you to get accustomed to the finalized designs of the “TANSMSE” characters. This is the show’s version of the Mushroom Kingdom’s loved and loving head of state, Princess Peach (or “Toadstool,” depending on what you personally call her).

In an official writer’s bible for the show, she would be given the following bio:
Meet Princess Peach, the incredible, adorable, and indomitable head of state of the Mushroom Kingdom. You may have once known her to be just a helpless damsel-in-distress, doing little more than wait to be rescued, or thought she had none of the things it takes to be adequate royalty. But for “TANSMSE,” weve overhauled her identity... a lot. This version no longer resembles one of those old-fashioned princess stereotypes you may have seen in childrens storybooks, fairy tales, or Disney movies; instead, shes portrayed here as a respectable, benevolent government leader who takes full responsibility for the tranquility, welfare, and national security of her kingdom. Taking on the look of a modern-day, real-world female head of state, Peach has a great deal of physical beauty that she retains with a perfectly healthy lifestyle, and always lets her feminine traits shine through with her buxom figure, blonde haircolor, nicely made-up face, and predominantly pink wardrobe.
Sensible and noble, Peach is respected and admired by all of her people, with very few exceptions. She has a lot of class, charm, and energy to her, and is as contemporary as princesses can be. Although a relatively young 35-year-old, she possesses a great deal of intelligence, cleverness, and practicality that much of today
s women dont even have, and when the Mushroom Kingdom is in a crisis of any kind, shell send folks like Mario and her own military and defense force to assess and resolve the situation and foil whoever is responsible, be it Bowser and the Koopa Troop or some other villain. Running a country is no easy task, but Peach knows that when you have an entire nations command under your belt, resting on your laurels is definitely the wrong way to go, so she demands that her Royal Cabinet and armed forces take their jobs seriously. Within her petite frame lies a lion-sized heart; she is very selfless and generous and shows a steady diet of unconditional love for her people. On our show, unlike her video game counterpart, this Princess is a lucky lady who rarely ever gets kidnapped, if at all; when she feels the need has arisen for her, shell even willingly pool her powers to aid in rescuing her kingdom's innocent inhabitants and punishing their tormentors. And she always gets a chance to show off her playful and fun-loving side; even when she participates in sporting events or races, she mixes her general politeness with a competitive spirit.
When Mario discovered the Mushroom Kingdom and rescued the Princess from Bowser
s kidnapping for the first time, the two of them began a long-lasting, intimate friendship; eventually, they became love interests. Mario and Peach treat each other in pretty much the same way that all husbands and wives ought to treat their spouses; neither one annoys, disrespects, or shows hatred for one another. And yet, it's been said that there's a mystery behind the truth about their relationship, which isn't even the least bit awful.

The “Mario” franchise and related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyright © Nintendo.
With tons of Deviant Art users telling the stories of their experiences on the site in celebration of its 14th birthday... I bet now is the time for me to talk about my experiences with DA, as well.

I have a great artistic talent (or so I proclaim myself to have), and I've been drawing ever since I was just a little kid. But it wasn't until my 19th birthday that I discovered DA. In fact, it was my artistic talent and experiences that called me to join this site, and I'm proud to have been here for three years. For someone who's been drawing since his youth, I had to start somewhere, just like all the rest of us... but quite enough about that. I'm the kind of person who likes to keep much of his private life, shall I say, reserved.

Meanwhile, in all the time I've spent on DA, I've come to appreciate the artistic quality of the works of nearly every deviant in this community, but there is room for exceptions. I see that this site does contain a number of works that are directly copied from copyrighted sources (such as copyrighted official artworks, photo-manipulation, screen captures, etc. -- all of which I see as violations of the ToS), and even drawings that look sketchy, or unimaginative, or like they were made in kindergarten art time. In fact, I don't appreciate these types of drawings... I only appreciate DA submissions that their artists spent considerable time and effort on. Again, I do not condone copyright infringement or lack of imagination.

My current art style takes its influences predominantly from Western animation and comics. When I first started uploading work to DA, my art style had some aspects influenced by anime, but I've since diluted those considerably. I can't claim any specific work as an influence on my art style. But that doesn't matter; what matters is that I like my current style a lot better than the previous versions.


Seth Allen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Born in Savannah, Georgia in the early 1990s, I am the son of a civil engineer and a former registered nurse. I have lived in my current hometown of Cary, North Carolina since 1994.
I have a versatile personality which allows me to possess many different interests in many different topics and people. I claim that I possess a great degree of intelligence, and I prove to be very literate -- I am able to read and write proficiently, and though my primary language is English, I speak several foreign languages as well. I show a diverse interest in studying, and though I may not have had a proper education (I was taught only in a couple of primary schools, an elementary school, and then I was homeschooled for a few years), I love to show a diverse interest in the world around me.
I possess a great artistic talent, and an art style that has cartoonish characteristics with a touch of realism. I hate anything that is considered immoral, have zero tolerance for swearing or curses, and will stand no nonsense whatsoever. I despise much of the changes that have occurred in the world over the past 10 years, and I think that history would have been much better without such changes.
I am a born-again Christian (though not baptized), and I attend church and Sunday school regularly. My father once worked as a deacon.

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